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Hoosier Lottery Metals Scratch-offs


July 2020


All CG work including creative direction, previs, FX, lighting, and compositing




Create eye-catching and abstract FX based on chosen themes to supplement the short TV spots for the scratch-off tickets.

Software Used

Houdini, Redshift, Nuke, Gridmarkets

In a 6 week project working with the awesome people at Bayonet, I was given a good amount of creative flexibility with this job for The Hoosier Lottery.


Initially some rough storyboards and reference material had been collected by Bayonet, but they were open to more suggestions. I was able to guide the effects to ideas that were more impactful and cinematic, and which still could be produced within the time constraints of the job.

By creating a rough previs animation for each shot, the team at Bayonet could understand the pacing of each spot and make changes to make sure the edit was effective.

FX Process

Hoosier Lottery Metals Scratch-offs: Finished Spots