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Replicating Coins - Breakdown [FREE .hip]

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

The replicating coins piece started as a little test to see how I could dynamically add objects to a sim. Below, I break down a simple version of this effect to give a little behind the scenes look at how this shot was achieved.

The Setup

The coins are set up as packed primitives, with one of the coins being piped into the DOP network to act as the initial source object with some random velocity and spin.

Inside the DOP, I'm using a SOP solver to bring in the new coins. This 'duplication' SOP solver is where the magic happens!

Each incoming coin from the scene is put through a selection filter that uses a noise pattern, the coin's age, and the coin's distance from the origin (duplicate_random_noise VOP). The coin is passed into a group called trigger if it is selected for duplication.

In a separate stream, the coins in the trigger group are isolated and duplicated between 1 and 3 times (set_duplication_amount attribute wrangle). These duplicated points are positioned above the initial source point, with some random positional noise too. The 'dup_obj' attribute tells each point which coin shape it will represent.

The for each loop in this section gives each new point some random velocity and rotation to give that popping look. It then copies the correct coin object to the point.

After the loop, I need to set the name and id attributes for the new coins to keep the simulation happy under the hood. Finally the new coins are merged with the old coins, and returned back to the sim ready for the RBD solver to do its thing.

Check out the final result and download link below.

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