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Drinkworks by Keurig - "The Showroom"


March 2019




FLIP fluid simulation, bubbles and foam

Software Used


The spot promotes the Drinkworks Home Bar by Keurig. I was tasked with recreating a CG version of the cosmopolitan being dispensed from the machine.


The photo real direction of the ad meant careful attention had to be paid to the reference footage (see below right).


A good balance between realism and elegance was sought; with the combination of a true to life looking fluid simulation, and omitting 'dirty' splash-back on the interior of the martini glass. 

Work in progress flipbooks highlighting the foam and bubbles
Shot reference footage

The bubbles that appear when the stream hits the fluid were achieved using the 'enforce air incompressibility' option on Houdini's FLIP solver introduced in H17.5.


The resolution needed to be quite high to get this effect working as desired, and it mostly worked for the larger bubble formations.


Further smaller bubbles both under and on the surface were created using the whitewater solver.

Watch the final video below!

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